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Our History

Originally built in 1929, the building was a gas station and café that many residents remember fondly.  The rock shell was what attracted Prior owners Sal and Winnie Vetrano to the property with their vision of a “little spaghetti restaurant.”  In May of 2003, Sal undertook the reconstruction and renovation that resulted in “Vinny’s Italian Restaurant” opening in October of that same year.  Their food and hospitality brought in local residents and International guests from around the globe.  Sal and Winnie operated the restaurant with full wait and kitchen staff up until 2010.  Due to health issues the restaurant closed until 2013 when it was re-opened as “Vinny’s Pizzeria”.   With his health still not 100% the “Pizzeria” was only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Nights.

16 years after the original opening in 2019 Present Owners Joey Pastrano and Derrick Hutchinson felt the need to keep the vision of Sal and Winnie’s “Little Spaghetti Restaurant” going.  With the “Hometown Goodness” cliental and the Italian ambiance they strive in keeping old memories, making new memories, and enjoying time with families and friends.  Using Sal’s original recipe’s that were handed down to him from his mother and his continued support and input, we strive to continue to make “Vinny’s” the eatery for all to enjoy.

 Sal is one of the greatest story tellers of all time.  If you catch him here he is happy and not shy to talk about his childhood, his time in the Military and the MANY friends he has met throughout the years here at “Vinny’s Italian Restaurant”.

We are pleased to have you as our guest(s). 



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